Overview of the people in your sales team

Salessound team member on mobile
Salessound team members on desktop

Summary of everyone in the sales team

Shows key highlights for all team members.
Green and red markers indicate areas which are positive or negative.
Tags indicate which categories or sectors a person has been allocated to.

Sales performance, snapshot and sales report

Key indicators for: positive, neutral or negative performance for the year to date.

Category tags

Which sector, territory and department the team member is allocated to

Click-through to :

New ideas from your sales team, and anyone else in your business.

Profile and contact details

Profile picture, about, and phone details


Drill-down to detailed reports and pages for this person:

sales link button Sales for this person
snapshot link button Snapshot for this person
report link button Report for this person
objectives link button Objectives for this person
ideas link button Ideas for this person
customers link button Customers for this person

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